Yuasa Battery(Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

Yuasa Battery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

Yuasa Battery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. It is the only large-scale manufacturer in mainland China serving Yuasa valve-regulated sealed lead acid batteries as NP, NPL, UXH and UXL. Yuasa Battery (Guangdong) applies the most advanced technology and valuable experience in manufacturing and R&D for lead acid batteries, which has been boasted by Japan Yuasa for over 80 years.

Please find the following basic information of Yuasa Battery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.:
Company Name:


Establishment: Obtained Business License on Oct. 31 1996
Registered capital: US$15,356,900
Legal Representative:

Board Chairman:Yamaguchi Yoshiaki
General Manager:Shinji Fukada

Address: Feiegang, Daliang District, Shunde, Guangdong
Primary Responsibilities: To manufacture and sell batteries, and to supply after sales service
Primary Products: Yuasa Brand NP, NPL, UXL, and UXH series of valve-regulated sealed lead acid battery
Technical Source: Japan Yuasa Central Research Institute, Japan Yuasa Research Institute Headquarters, Design Section of Yuasa Batteries (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
Certificates: IS09001, IS014001, UL Security Certificate of US, MII's network access license, Broadcast-Television Ministry' network access license, Railway Ministry' network access license, network access license for complete electric equipment.
Fixed Assets: About RMB120 mln, Total Assets: About RMB208 mln(Until 31,Dec 2002)
Land Area: About 37000m2, Production Scale: About 1 mln KVAH
Credit Rating: Agricultural Bank: AAA
Quality Policy: To produce reliable and satisfactory products.
Environmental Policy: Obey laws, protect environment, save energy and reduce waste, prevent pollution, full participate, continue improving
Development Prospect:

Expansion project with investment of RMB80 mln from the company was completed and was put into production and operation at the end of 2001 to meet the needs of the market. Yearly production is increased to RMB300 mln, and the products not only meet domestic needs, but also are sold to Japanese in reverse and are exported to Europe and America.

Organization Structure
Orientation of Yuasa Batteries

Quality and parameters of Quangdong Yuasa products have met those Japan counterparts. Products of Yuasa Battery (Guangdong), as top lead acid batteries, have entirely replaced their abroad counterparts and contributes to many vital and emphasized projects of China.